Convert long links into trackable tiny URLs. Track customers clicking on links on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google and more. Re-target interested customers and increase sales. 80% of our features are free with no limits to usage!


How Does Zo.Fo Help You?

Amazon, (, Google(, Facebook (, Twitter ( and any decent company has their short URL to analyze and get insights from customer clicks. Here is how we help you get the same.

1. Shorten Links

Create your content as usual. Shorten your long links using Zo.Fo and share them via your usual channels

2. collects Data

Our intelligent tracking engine collects data of users who click on your links. Pixels on Google & most major platforms

3. Target Prospects

Get Kick-ass data to take actions and optimize marketing by retargetting users who clicked on your links with focused ads.

Target visitors. Retarget prospects.

We offer the best set of tracking pixels in the industry. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora and more. We have you covered. Now you can run focused advert campaigns targetting and retargetting only those who are interested in you. Save money, reduce CAC and improve RoAS!

Kick-Ass Features

Hands down the best URL shortner in the market. We have put in a lot of effort to get you the best tools when it comes to your links.

Custom Domains

Build trust amongst your customers with your own domain and still get the power of Zo.Fo's analytics and tracking.

Awesome Visitor Targeting

Target and retarget visitors based on Geography, location, device used etc. Eg: Users from Canada on iOS can be sent to a particular page.

Zo.Fo URL Shortener Hero Features

Link Rotators & A/B testing

Best in Industry redirect and Link Rotation. Test campaigns by directing visitors on one link to predefined different landings pages

Custom Landing Pages

Lightning Fast Mobile pages, personalized for your brand & products. Bio-links like

The best brands in the world use short links to get insights and increase sales. You should start now